Theme of the Conference


An international professional event that will assemble trainers engaged in postgraduate education and science, clinicians, psychotherapists, advisors and supervisors with research experience in the application of Transactional Analysis. The theme of the Congress is Transactional Analysis at Work: Theory supported by research. During the Conference, trainers will present the results of their current research, their theoretical and practical contribution. During the meeting, a round table will be held in which a dialogue will be open between transactional analysts and psychotherapists of related modalities about common practical challenges and integration issues of theories and techniques in psychotherapy. Workshops and lectures will also be held by other members of TAUS in the status of trainers, psychotherapists or counselors.

Preliminary  program of the Winter School in TA

 9.3. – 11.3. 2018.  Advance training hours of TA during the Conference is 16h in total


FRIDAY: 9.3.2018. godine – OPENING  – 17.00h-20.30h



  1. dr Biljana Van Rijn (UK) TSTA: „Transactional analysis and research in the field of psychotherapy. Research directions and questions“ 17-17:45h
  2. 17:45-18:30 prof. dr Tijana Mandić: Book presentation: Effective ways to overcome creative blocks in science, psychotherapy, art and research.
  3. 18:30-18:45 Coffee break
  4. 18:45-20:30 Round table: « Transmodality in the place of integration in psychotherapy»
    Modalities in connection: Research and theory building through psychotherapy.
    Round table participants:

    dr Aleksandra Bubera, psychotherapist, TSTA (Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama)  dr Biljana Van Rijn, psychotherapist, TSTA (Relational Transactional Analysis), mr Dragana Deh, psychotherapist (Sistemic therapy and Transactional Analysis), dr Danijela Budiša, psychotherapist, PTSTA (Integrative Transactional Analysis), dr Tijana Mirović, psychotherapist and trainer (Schema therapy and Life Script)


SATURDAY: 10.3.2018.


  1. 10-12h Group supervision: dr Kristina Brajović Car, psychotherapist (PTSTA): Clinical study as empirical and theoretical fundus of knowledge. The importance of research skills for practitioners.
  2. 12- 13:30 mr Mina Pejić Božović and Ana Andonov (TA Counselor):
    Diagnostic Contribution of Transactional Analysis in Personality Assessment – Overview of Regional Research Results and Instructions for Instrument Administration
  1. 13:30 – 14:30 Lunch break
  2. 14:30 – 16h dr Gordana Nikić (trainer and supervisor): Resolving emotional problems in partner relationships through the implementation of REBT – Workshop
  3. 16:15 – 17:30 dr Josip Bošnjaković, psychotherapist, CTA (Croatia), mr Jelena Spremo (TA Counselor) and Filip Stojanović: Transactional Analysis and Spiritual Development o
    Personality – Workshop.

    SUNDAY: 09.30h-14.30h


    1. 9:30 – 11:00 Maja Pavlov, psychotherapist, CTA, 101 trainer and supervisor: Contracting around goals of change and effectiveness of the psychotherapy process – workshop
    2. 11:15 – 12:30 dr Aleksandra Đurić (TA Counselor): Drama triangle and typical games in organisations –  counseling and coaching perspective – workshop
    3. 12:30 – 13:00 Coffee break
    4. 13:00– 14:30 mr Martina Kvarantan Šmitran (Croatia),  NLP trainer: Compatibility of TA and NLP in practice

SUNDAY 14:30 – 15:30

Conversations with authors

Poster presentations of Congress participants (still open for submission):

  1. dr Oana Panescu, psychotherapist (Romania, CTA under contract): TA instruments of choice in job selection.
  2. mr Ivan Anđelković: Personality of Alcohol Addicts from TA perspective.
  3. Lejla Softić (Bosna, CTA under contract): Positive psychology and TA: Applications in the business context.
  4. dr Tijana Mirović, trainer and supervisor and Daniel Mešković, REBT psychotherapist and researcher: Connection of an early maladaptive modes, dimensions of personality, affective style and empathy



All interested participants who wish to attend the Winter School are invited to to submit their names for registration until 28.02.2018. year via e-mail:

Registration fee:
6000 RSD (50 EUR) including Certificates of 16h of advance TA training
4000 RSD (35 EUR) for students (with scanned student ID).
Registration fee for TAUS-a members is 3000 RSD (25 EUR).



Balkan Association for Transactional Analysis with support of European Association for Transactional Analysis EATA through research funds of Theory Development Research Committee.

Organizational Board
Pof. dr Aleksandra Đurić
Dunja Golubović
Patrick Ellersich


Prof.dr.Mirjana Divac Jovanović
Dr.Biljana Van Rijn
Doc.dr. Gregor Zvelc
Doc.dr.Kristina Brajović Car
Prof. dr Enrico Bennelli
Dr. Josip Bošnjaković
Dr. Oana Panescu




Press Centar
Street: Knez Mihailova 6/3,
Contact: +381638489944,
Date: 9. – 11. 03. 2018.
Registrations are open until 28.02. 2018.

Conference material will be publish as Proceedings after  scientific review, including full articles presented at the Winter School of TA. The official language of the Conference is Serbian (with English translation) and the publication will be published in English

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